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Trucking companies may act in a number of ways that endanger the well-being of both their drivers and others on the road. One way in which they may do this is through negligent hiring, which happens when a trucking company hires individuals who are not qualified for a particular position. This practice can result in unprepared truck drivers, who can cause serious car accidents that result in physical injuries affecting innocent people. However, victims of trucking company negligence, particularly negligent hiring practices, may be qualified to file for financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

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Dangers of Negligent Hiring

If a trucking company hires employees negligently, numerous people can be unduly harmed as a result. This can be due to the following, which negligent hiring practices can lead to:

  • Unlicensed truck drivers on the road
  • Driver inability to operate a large 18-wheeler vehicle
  • Violations of service hours and safety codes
  • Inadequate training practices

Sadly, many people are injured in truck accidents annually because of trucking company negligent hiring practices. In these situations, those suffering undue injuries and losses should consider taking legal action against the trucking company.

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