Waukesha Defective Garage Door Opener Lawyer

Most people may take their garage door for granted since they have been in use for many decades now. Garages are often used for more than just a place to store your vehicle and can often be filled with valuable sporting equipment, excess furniture, or other objects of importance. Most modern garage doors are controlled by automatic door openers. Although older doors are heavier than modern doors, the technology used to design garage door openers has not changed much over the years. Defective garage doors may cause both heavy and light doors to fall on property or people, causing serious damage or injury. Garage door openers are constructed from small springs and thin wires that may break or malfunction if they were constructed with defects. The malfunction of these parts may lead to serious injuries if the door falls on a person. If you or your property has been damaged or injured due to a defective garage door, consulting an attorney is the first step in protecting your rights.

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