Waukesha Child Safety Seat Lawyer

Children who are passengers in an automobile must be placed in a child safety seat for their protection. Unfortunately, child safety seats sometimes cause injuries if they are defective and break during a collision. Common defects found in child safety seats include faulty harnesses, defective padding, and ineffective seat buckles. The percent of safety seats that are improperly installed due to confusing instructions is close to 82%, a startling number for many parents. Seats that are not properly installed may break during a collision and cause children serious injuries or even death. Often, the slot that is meant to attach the safety seat to the car is too weak. In other cases, the device in the child safety seat that is used to hold your child in place could also be defective and allow the child to slip out of the seat and be injured during a collision.

Defective child safety seats make it onto the shelves and into the lives of families with small children despite the regulations of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The growing number of recalls and lawsuits continue to increase as thousands of defective safety seats are sold each year. The first step in protecting your rights is to consult an experience lawyer to have your case evaluated.

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