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The law prohibiting individuals under 21 from drinking alcohol was created for many reasons. Among these is the belief that most adults have a better understanding of the limits of drinking than minors. According to several studies, the number of drunk driving accidents has decreased due to the raising of the drinking age to 21. In the state of Wisconsin, however, drunk driving accidents caused by minors are still a major problem. When an adult provides alcohol to a minor who later causes an accident, the victim may be entitled to seek financial compensation from that individual.

If you or someone you love was hurt in an accident caused by an intoxicated minor, it is important to ensure that you are properly advised of your legal rights and options. Contact the Wausau social host liability attorneys of Habush Habush & Rottier, S.C., at 800-242-2874.

Social Host Liability Laws

Wisconsin has a long history of holding people accountable for providing alcohol to minors. If you were involved in an accident because of an intoxicated underage driver, any adult who provided that person with alcohol can be held liable if they did any of the following:

  • Provided alcohol to the minor knowing he or she was underage
  • Provided alcohol to the minor and reasonably should have known he or she was underage
  • Funded a minor’s purchase of alcohol

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