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Newborn mistakenly declared as a stillborn, malpractice suit to be filed

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A couple in Argentina is in disbelief after they were told that their daughter was dead, when in reality she was clinging to life. Doctors were so adamant about their diagnosis, that they presented the mother with a death certificate, and placed the baby’s body in the refrigerated morgue area of the hospital.

The woman, who has four other children, was initially reluctant to go under general anesthesia in order to give birth to her fifth child. She had not been given anesthesia for any other of her vaginal births, so she was unsure why this birth was any different. The woman was giving birth three months before  her due date, and was expecting complications, but not a diagnosis of death.

The grieving couple wanted to say some final words to their daughter, so they requested to gain access into the morgue. Initially, doctors did not want the couple to venture to the morgue, but after much persistence, they were allowed. The woman had plans to snap a picture of her daughter in order to show relatives at her funeral service.

Before she had time to take the picture, she became overwhelmed with emotion after she noticed her daughter had let out a noise and was faintly breathing. Since that discovery, the baby has been listed in critical condition, but is said to be recovering quite well, given the circumstances. A medical malpractice lawsuit is being considered in the case.