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9-year-old boy attacked by pit bull

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A 9-year-old Madison boy sustained non-life threatening injuries when he was attacked by a pit bull last week. The boy was playing at a friend's house when the pit bull, who was owned by the friend's mother, attacked him. The mother was also bit when she tried to intervene.

This dog attack is not the first in the area. A 52-year-old woman living in an east Waukesha neighborhood was mauled by a dog in late June. A neighbor who came to help the woman was also injured in the attack. Due to his heroic actions, the neighbor is being honored with the Citizens Service Award.

Now, a Waukesha woman is trying to promote an ordinance which would restrict dangerous dog breeds such as pit bulls that are considered vicious. A vicious dog can be defined as one which commits three attacks within 12 months against either people or other pets, or attacks U.S. postal carriers.  

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