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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Over IL Aviation Accident

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The Appellate Court of Illinois ruled that a wrongful death lawsuit filed over a helicopter pilot’s death may continue with court proceedings.

The lawsuit was filed by the family of Michael Russle, a pilot who flew an emergency medical service helicopter for Air Angels, Inc. Russel died when the aircraft he was piloting crashed last year. The lawsuit was filed aginast a French company, SNFA, who made the allegedly faulty drive-shaft part that caused the helicopter to crash. SNFA had been trying to keep the lawsuit out of Illinois courts.

According to the lawsuit, Russell’s fatal flight was to be his last day on the job at Air Angels, due to maintenance concerns he had withthe helicopters. He expressed concerns to his wife Gloria about the condition of the helicopters.

“He told me that if anyone ever called me and told me that he had died in a helicopter crash, to make sure it was investigated fully,”Gloria Russell said, “because there was no way he would ever die in a helicopter crash unless it was mechanical failure or something he couldn’t control.”

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