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Man Killed by Freight Train in Waukesha

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A man in Waukesha was struck and killed by a freight train Monday night.

According to officials with the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department, a man who was believed to be living in a group home is dead after being struck by a freight train. Deputies say it was shortly before 8:30 p.m. when witnesses in the Waukesha area described hearing an extra long train whistle blowing near East Main Street.

Police say the conductor was trying to get the attention of a man on the train tracks, who is believed to be 32 years-old. He did not move out of the way in time.

Police say the train blocked close to eight intersections inWaukesha.

Police say they do not know why the man was on the tracks, or if he heard the whistle.

The Waukesha County Medical Examiner’s office says they may do an autopsy on the victim.

Police would not comment on the possibility of a wrongful death lawsuit.