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Milk Recall Leaves 53,000 Children Sick

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The recall of Chinese dairy products has caused close to 53,000 Chinese children to become ill recently. According to reports, the milk was recalled after it was discovered that the industrial chemical, melamine, was found in the milk. This substance has been banned in China for some time. The Chinese government has promised to investigate the cause of this food safety issue and hold those responsible liable for any illness or injury that they might have caused.

A majority of the 12,892 children that have been hospitalized are 2 years old or younger. Sadly, 4 children have lost their lives and over 100 are in critical condition.

The Chinese Health Ministry has reported that the products in question are a form of powered milk, and a type of baby formula. One of the companies involved, the Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group Co., is at the center of investigations.

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