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Slip and Fall Prompts Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart

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A Wal-Mart store and the Home City Ice Co. are being sued after a woman’s fall caused her to be seriously injured. Carolyn and John Case filed the suit on May 22nd, after Carolyn sustained serious injuries from falling on water that had puddled on the floor in front of an ice machine in the store.

The couple claims that the store was negligent for allowing water to remain on the floor and for failing to provide any kind of warning sign that would make customers aware of the dangerous floor conditions. They also claim that the position inwhich the ice machine was placed was inappropriate and made the situation all the more dangerous for customers.

The couple claims that Wal-Mart and the Home City Ice Co. are liable for Carolyn’s injury since they allowed the floor to become dangerously wet. Carolyn suffered several serious injuries, however, the suit does not list them in any detail. John Case, her husband, claims to have lost the companionship, affection, and consortium of his wife.

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