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$6M Sought in Jeep Rollover Case

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SUVs have a much higher rollover rate than any other type of car thanks to their higher center of gravity. Manufacturers are responsible for producing SUVs that have a low roll over rate, in order to keep consumers safe from serious injuries. When manufacturers fail to create vehicles that are safe to drive, it is almost inevitable that the driver or passengers of the vehicle will experience painful injuries in the event of a collision.

Ashlee Hoffman was driving her mother’s Jeep Liberty when she unexpectedly swerved into the right lane, causing the vehicle to roll over end to end. Eventually, the car lost momentum and came to rest in the middle of an intersection. Hoffman claims that it was the separation of the ball joint in the front suspension that caused her accident.

During the collision, Hoffman was ejected from the car and had to be rushed to the nearby hospital via helicopter. She suffered serious injuries and placed in a medically induced coma as the doctors had to performed several surgeries.

She is seeking damages for her medical bills, lost wages, loss of potential earnings, and pain and suffering.

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