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Man dies while in the care of Christus Hospital

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Aurilano Salas, a dump truck driver, suffered from various illnesses. After becoming ill at work, he was taken to Christus Hospital St. Mary and diagnosed with sepsis. Only eight hours later, Salas died of a heart attack.

The medical malpractice lawsuit has been filed by the Salas family against Christus Health Southeast Texas. According to the plaintiffs’, Christus doctors treated Salas for a respiratory infection and prescribed Tylenol for a fever and antibotics for his sepsis. The autopsy stated, however, that Salas died from a heart attack.

The Salas family argues that Aurilano was misdiagnosed, which led to his eventual death. They also state that they made hospital staff at Christus aware that Aurilano had a heart condition and was taking Plavix.

The Salas family is seeking damages for medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of companionship, pain and suffering, and exemplary damages.

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