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Medical Malpractice leads to wrongful death suit

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Dr. Jack M Levine is facing two malpractice suits in two different states. The latest suit originates from Illinois, where Dr. Levine has been named a defendant in a wrongful death suit. He is one of four defendants.

Peggy Shasteen is seeking damages on behalf of her late mother. She claims That Dr. Levine was negligent in the treatment of her mother and this negligence was the cause of her mother’s eventual death. Mrs. Shasteen’s mother died shortly following a colonoscopy, which was meant to be a gall bladder surgery instead. This mistake caused major complications in Shasteen’s mother’s health. Another issue that is being investigated is the improper preparation of a prep bowl used during surgery. Apparently, the prep bowl was not correctly cleaned.

Overall, Shasteen is suing four different doctors for $300,000. She is seeking damages for her mother’s medical expenses, pain and suffering, and mental anguish.