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Malpractice Lawsuit in PA

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Dr. Nabil Ghabrial, a Port Arthur doctor, is being sued in a malpractice case involving a surgery gone wrong. While performing surgery on a young girl, her throat burst into flames in a very strange turn of events.

Dale and Miranda Granger took their 6 year old in daughter in for throat surgery and are suing the doctor for negligence. The girl’s surgery was for a routine tonsillectomy, andenoidectomy, direct laryngoscopy and rigid bronchoscopy. During the surgery the girl’s throat burst into flames after a medical machine pierced a plastic tube which ignited due to the oxygen that was leaking from the tube.

The girl escaped with only minor injuries and further surgery was not needed. The girl’s parents are suing for medical expenses, pain, lost earning capacity, and mental anguish.

According to the girl’s father, Dale Granger, his daughter has become much more self conscious now that her voice has become raspy and that she has to drink fluids while eating meals. She gets teased much more at her school for her condition caused by Dr. Ghabrial.

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