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Auto Defects Suit: Ford not built so tough after all

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When Jeffery Roebuck bought his new F250 Ford Truck, he was curious about installing a Hypertech power programmer III. He didn’t ask the dealer about adding the programmer III though, he went directly to the parts seller. Not long after the engine blew a gasket and Robebuck quickly learned that after-market parts void the warranty on his new truck.

Roebuck, however, is a lawyer and has a good understanding of the American civil justice system. He is suing Ford, claiming that their motto, “Ford Built Tough” is a fraudulent statement. Roebuck is using for economic damages, mental anguish, and attorney’s fees.

According to Hypertech’s website, the power programmer should not have harmed the cars engine. Roebuck claims that Ford has manufactured and sold trucks with defects and reliability problems. He accuses Ford of knowing of the reliability problems, but selling him the truck anyway under the motto “Ford Built Tough”.

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