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Appeals court reopens dental malpractice case

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Bill and Lana Comstock filed a suit against oral surgeon James Clark for the brain injuries that their daugther, Megan, obtained during a dental procedure. Judge Cara Wood originally dismissed the case, but it has recently been reopened by appellate judges.

An anesthesiologist, Malcolm Orr, presented a report that was originally ruled as insufficient to support the Comstock’s claim. The couple claimed that their daughter suffered permanent brain damage due to an overdose of medication while her wisdom teeth were being extracted. The report from Orr was a state law requirement in Texas.

Orr’s credibility has been brought into question since he is a professor at the University of Texas and not an expert in the dental profession. According to Orr, Megan recieved 150 percent of the maximum recommedend does of the sedation medication that she was given. Orr also reported that the dentists did not properly monitor Megan.

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