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Wrongfully Acquiring HIV/AIDS

Among the largest epidemics facing the world today, HIV/AIDS causes many problems. HIV is the human immunodeficiency virus and it leads to AIDS, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. HIV can be caught in a number of ways. They are through:

  • Sexual intercourse (or a general exchange of bodily fluids)
  • Breast milk
  • Child birth, from mother to child
  • Infected needles

The most prevalent way by which HIV/AIDS is spread is through sexual intercourse. HIV is transmitted from one individual to another when people exchange bodily fluids. Because sexual intercourse results in such an exchange of bodily fluids, it is the most common way by which people acquire HIV/AIDS.

Almost always, when someone who has HIV/AIDS engages in sexual intercourse, that individual does it not knowing that she or he has the disease. As a result, though, the virus spreads from one person to another.

Although most people do not intend to spread HIV/AIDS, some people do want to spread it. Or, they may feel that if they engage in sexual intercourse even though they have the disease that nothing will happen. As a result, some individuals have acquired HIV/AIDS from people who knew they had the disease.

This is very unfortunate, for HIV/AIDS has many costs. The medical costs of the disease are high, as people with HIV/AIDS need to take a lot of medication to remain healthy. Aside from medical costs, however, the disease also exacts emotional costs. People with the disease often live in apprehension, worrying about dying early.

Currently, there are no cures for HIV/AIDS. That is why the intentional or avoidable spreading of HIV/AIDS is so unfortunate.

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