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Wrongful Electrocution

People can wrongfully be killed or injured in a variety of ways. They may drown, suffer because of medical negligence, or be hit by a drunk driver. Another significant, but often ignored, way that people may die wrongfully is through electrocution.

Electrocution can occur in number of ways. For example, young children can be electrocuted because of neglect. If a babysitter does not properly monitor a child, for example, a child may drop an electric device, like a hair dryer, into water. If the child reaches for it, she can be electrocuted.

Electrocution can also occur because of someone’s carelessness. For example, loose wiring can lead to electrocution. If someone is working at a construction site and electric wires are hanging out from somewhere and a worker touches them, that worker may be shocked and injured or killed. Or, another example involves leaks. If there is a leak inside of a kitchen wall and the water comes into the kitchen and near power cords, such as those of a stove, there is a serious hazard. If an individual is renting the home and the landlord does not fix the dangerous leak after being told and the tenant gets injured or killed, the landlord may be held responsible.

All of these types of injuries or deaths are wrongful because they could have been avoided. While sometimes the injured or killed person may be responsible, at other times someone else may be responsible.

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