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Wisconsin Hazing Laws

Hazing is illegal, and there are serious consequences for those who engage in the act. Any activities that are designed to demean or humiliate an individual in order to earn a rite of passage are termed as hazing. Groups such as fraternities, sororities, athletic teams, and military squads are known to have incorporated hazing.


In the state of Wisconsin, hazing must be a forced activity. By this definition, a person is required to participate in an activity to be allowed admission into a group or organization. The law prohibits anyone from endangering the safety or health of a student for purposes of initiation to an organization affiliated with the university, college, or school. Acts that include brutality such as branding, beating, and whipping are strictly prohibited. In addition, consumption of liquor, food, or drug that risks the safety of the student is illegal. Confinement and other dangers are not allowed.


A person who is suspected of hazing can be charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony. A Class A misdemeanor is issued when the act results or is likely to result in harm. If the act creates extreme harm or death, it is classified as a Class E felony.

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