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Water Slide Injuries

Each summer, millions of Americans visit water parks across the country. Water parks are full of exhilarating water slides and other rides designed to thrill visitors. The parks constantly compete with one another to claim the tallest, fastest, and riskiest rides. While these can be fun and exciting for children and adults alike, they also pose some risk of injury to anyone who chooses to try them.

Water Park Injury Risks

Some water slides contain steep drops, sharp turns, or powerful surges of water. Any of these can endanger a rider, especially if the water hits the rider with considerable force or the rider strikes a sharp edge or uneven surface while riding down the slide. Steep slides are especially risky because the rider gains a lot of speed on the way down and may not be able to control his or her motions, resulting in a crash or causing the rider to hit the water at a speed that causes injury.

Park Liability

Water parks have a responsibility to keep visitors safe while using water slides. All riders should be supervised and properly instructed on how to safely use the slide. The slides should be regularly maintained and checked for gaps, foreign objects, corrosion, or sharp corners that could potentially injure a rider. Water pressure should also be monitored to ensure that it is not flowing at a rate that could cause injury to a visitor or structural damage to the slide.

If you have been injured while using a water slide, you may be a victim of negligence and the water park may be liable for your injuries. Consider consulting with a personal injury attorney immediately to compile the evidence for your case and prepare your claim for court.

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