Taxi Accidents

Taxicabs are an excellent alternate form of transportation for people who do not have a car or are unfit to drive. Typically taxis help people get to their destinations safely and efficiently, but sometimes taxi drivers drive unsafely when in a hurry or do not notice certain hazards before it is too late. Passengers of taxis, pedestrians, bicyclists, and other road users may be in an accident caused by a negligent taxi driver and may sustain injuries from the collision.

Taxi drivers have a responsibility to safely transport their passengers from one place to another by taking reasonable action to prevent an accident. If a driver is on the phone while driving, texting, messing with radio dials, or engaging in other activities while driving, he or she may increase the chance of an accident. Every driver’s primary responsibility is to pay attention to the road and other road users. If the taxi driver fails to do so and causes an accident, he or she may be responsible for the injuries and damages of his or her passengers and other road users involved in the crash.

Determining whether a taxi driver is at fault for an accident can be easier than it would be in other car accidents, because taxicabs are constantly monitored. Each cab contains a black box that records details about the taxi’s movements, including its speed, direction, and impact time. This information can be used as evidence to support a personal injury claim in court.

Additionally, taxi companies reliably have insurance coverage and may be more willing to negotiate compensation than an independent driver would be. If you have been injured by a taxi cab collision, consider consulting with a personal injury attorney immediately to initiate your claim for settlement.

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