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Social Host Liability

When an individual becomes intoxicated in another person’s home, the property owner typically is not liable for any alcohol-related injuries that result from the person’s intoxication. The lone exception is when the intoxicated individual is a minor.

Wisconsin social host liability laws hold property owners accountable for injuries that occur to underage drinkers. If you or someone you love suffered alcohol-related injuries because someone served you alcohol even though you were underage, contact the Waukesha alcohol injury lawyers of (800) 242-2874.

Social Host Responsibility

The state of Wisconsin may punish social hosts that serve alcohol to minors if the intoxicated minors suffer injuries as a result of their alcohol consumption. For individuals who are over the legal drinking age, social hosts are not accountable for any injuries that they may suffer as a result of alcohol consumption.

In addition to being liable for the injuries that intoxicated minors may suffer, social hosts are typically also responsible for any injuries that intoxicated minors inflict on others. As such, the victims of underage drinkers may be entitled to financial compensation from the owner of the property where the minor was served alcohol.

Individuals who wish to seek financial compensation are advised to seek the help of an experienced Waukesha alcohol injury lawyer.

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