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Snowboarding: Not All Fun

Among the many pastimes that people enjoy in the United States, snowboarding is one significant one. The high speeds, the cool maneuvers, the high-end gear—all of these things and more make snowboarding very appealing to many people. Most people do not worry about being injured or hurt while snowboarding, and rightly so. Most people do not get seriously injured. That does not mean, however, that snowboarding is completely safe.

One of the most serious dangers of snowboarding results because of others. At high speeds, people may lose control of their snowboards. They may not be able to maneuver effectively and safely. Consequently, they may collide with other snowboarders, or even other skiers. Such collisions can be fatal. The high speeds coupled with the force of a body and a snowboard can seriously injure someone who is hit by them. Aside from death, snowboard collisions can lead to broken bones or even unconsciousness.

Aside from collisions, though, snowboarding can cause injuries in several other ways as well:

  • People doing tricks on their snowboards, like when jumping over a ramp or when snowboarding on a half-pipe, may lose control and fall dangerously.
  • The snowboard may not be put on the rider’s foot properly and securely. As a result, it may come loose during riding, injuring the rider or even someone else.
  • The snowboard may break or crack and malfunction, leading to serious injury.

Although snowboarding is definitely fun, there are dangers that people need to be aware of.

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