Accidents happen all the time. Sometimes they cannot be avoided or are nobody’s fault. Other times, however, accidents can be avoided or they result out of someone’s carelessness. Slips are an example. If someone slips while walking, that individual may be at fault for not paying attention to appropriate signage.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that someone who slips and sustains injury will not always be at fault. For example, if someone is walking in a store and slips on a wet patch that has just been cleaned, and there is no sign warning customers of a wet floor, then the store and not the customer might be at fault.

Slips can be very dangerous accidents. An individual who slips can sustain a number of injuries, ranging from the slight to the very serious. Some such injuries are

  • Sore buttocks
  • Bruised arms, legs, or other body parts
  • Broken body parts
  • Fractured skull

As this list of injuries makes clear, people need to be careful not to slip in any situation.

When someone slips and sustains heavy injuries, the medical costs to treat the injuries can be hefty. Insurance might be able to help cover some of the costs, but any remaining costs may have to be borne by the injured individual.

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