Shattered Glass

When it is used for eating, drinking, working, selling, or showing, glass is good. It is very good. Its many uses and purposes help a lot of people and make life easier and better. While all those types of glass are good, however, shattered glass is not.

Shattered glass may have broken into large and small fragments. The large fragments are easily discernible, while the small pieces are more difficult to see. As a result, people may not see small bits of shattered glass and may step on them.

Stepping on shattered glass can cause many problems. Of course, bleeding can occur as the glass punctures the individual’s foot. Additionally, the punctured feet, in which the flesh is exposed to the outside air, can get infected. Furthermore, people whose feet get injured by shattered glass may not be able to function fully for a certain period of time. As a result, an individual may not be able to go to work or engage in other activities.

When glass shatters, people need to be sure to warn others that they can be injured. A sign or a verbal warning is very important to ensure that everyone stays safe and uninjured.

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