The agriculture and food transportation industries are very complex, as both have to take place on a massive scale to meet the sustenance needs of the many people who need food. Usually, everything happens smoothly. Food is grown safely and gets to people who can afford it. There are times, however, when the food market has problems. One such time is when food gets infected with salmonella.

Salmonella is a group of bacteria that sometimes resides in the feces of humans and other animals, although it also lives in the intestines of animals. Usually, food that is derived from animals, such as milk or meat, has salmonella; vegetables can also catch salmonella, however, if someone handles them without washing her hands.

Furthermore, even processed foods, such as peanut butter, have been known to have salmonella. Although cooking food at high enough temperatures kills the salmonella, almost any type of food can have the salmonella bacteria. The food, during sometime in its lifespan, has to come into contact with feces directly or indirectly for salmonella to develop.

Food contaminated with salmonella is not distinguishable from safe food. People who eat salmonella do not always experience problems. Commonly, what happens is that people develop the disease salmonellosis, whereby people have diarrhea or stomach crams. Within a week, people usually recover, but problems can last much longer.

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Salmonella can make people very sick. Food companies and restaurants have procedures to ensure that food does not get contaminated with salmonella, but those procedures sometimes fail or are not implemented correctly.

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