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Roller Coaster Injuries

People go to theme parks to have a fun time. They go with their families and friends, watch shows, explore the parks, enjoy the food, and ride the rides. When people go to theme parks, they do not expect to get injured, for the infrastructure to be dangerous, or for the rides to break.

Unfortunately, there have been many instances of roller coaster failures. The rails may have broken and the carts have fallen through. Or, the carts may have just flown off of the rails. Roller coaster injuries and deaths have occurred not negligibly in the past.

Although statistically, roller coaster injuries and deaths are insignificant, injuries or deaths can and do occur. Of the 319 million people who visit theme parks every year, only 2 die and 134 are injured. When rides malfunction, the theme park can be at fault for not properly maintaining the ride.

Injuries that can be caused by roller coasters can be very serious. Aside from the obvious death, there are a number of injuries that can occur. There can be brain damage, as the head is jerked violently and repeatedly in a short amount of time. Moreover, for the same reasons the spinal cord and neck can also suffer injuries and strain.

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