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Preventing Student Athlete Injuries

As your child grows up, he or she might be become interested in playing organized sports. Your child may have begun playing on club teams or perhaps has waited until middle school or high school, but either way it is important to be sure that your child is playing in conditions that are not conducive to unnecessary injury.

Many middle schools and high schools will neglect to put money into new safety equipment. Maybe they don’t feel like they have the money or that the old safety equipment is sufficient, but sometimes these approaches can be dangerous for the student athletes. This is especially necessary in sports like football, baseball, and softball, where there is a lot of contact between players or balls being thrown at high speeds.

The equipment that has been designed for these sports has been done so for a reason. Without the right equipment, the athletes are at a much higher risk of injury that could be avoided with a wise investment in current, up-to-standards equipment. As a parent, you should monitor the equipment your child is using.

Student athletes are also often asked to practice or play in extremely hot or bad weather conditions. These conditions create a risk to the students’ safety that is just not necessary. Be aware that this happens and be sure that your child is not playing these conditions.

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