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Pharmacy Errors: Incorrect Labeling

Over the last year, there have been an increasing number of reports stating that newborn babies have either been harmed or killed in hospitals due to some kind of labeling error. Labeling errors occur when the information found on the container of a medication is incorrect. This may include:

  • Wrong dosage information
  • Incorrect instructions for use
  • Incorrect medication
  • False/misleading information

Although we would like to trust that medical professionals would take the time and care to ensure that we did not receive dangerous dosages, directions, or medications, this is not always the case. It is always a good idea to double check your prescriptions for errors and report them immediately.

Unfortunately, errors that occur within the hospital are much harder to avoid. When in the medical care of nurses and doctors, individuals are forced to place their trust in their health care professional. If you believe that you have received an incorrect medication, you should speak with your nurse or doctor immediately so that the medication and/or dosage can be checked.

Labeling errors can lead to serious injuries. If you receive the incorrect medication, there may be a risk of a dangerous medication interaction. Receiving incorrect medications also means that you are not receiving the medication you need to regain your health. These types of errors may lead to prolonged injuries and illnesses or even death.

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