Pharmaceutical Errors: Dangerous Drug Interactions

Your doctors should know about any medications that you may be taking in order to properly prescribe additional medications. Be sure to give your doctor all of the information that he or she will need to understand your medical history, including previous or current medications that you are taking.

While medications are used to treat specific injuries or illnesses, the mixture of certain drugs can be incredibly dangerous and lead to serious health problems. Although the drugs may be effective separately, you should never assume that the mixing of drugs is a safe practice. Only medical professionals should dictate what drugs can and cannot be mixed to effectively medicate your condition.

Errors can occur at various stages of your treatment. In some cases, negligent doctors may not pay attention to the medications that you are currently taking and may give you a prescription that has dangerous interactions with your current medication. In other cases, your doctor may have given you a correct prescription, but the pharmacist could make an error when filling the order.

In either case, it is the responsibility of these medical professionals to double check that your medications will not have a dangerous drug interaction that could cause you serious harm. If you have suffered due to a dangerous drug interaction caused by a negligent doctor of pharmacist, it is in your best interest to contact a Waukesha pharmacy error attorney immediately.

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