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Negative Side-Effects from Prescription Drugs

When patients are prescribed a certain drug by a medical professional, they put their trust in the drug
manufacturer and doctor under the assumption that the drug is safe. Patients understandably expect to
be informed of any negative side-effects before ever taking the drug. While prescription drugs can effectively
help patients with physical or mental ailments, they also sometimes have negative side-effects that
the patient did not expect. Discovering that you are suffering side effects from a drug that you thought
was safe can leave you feeling distressed and betrayed.

Drug manufacturers compete with one another to produce the most effective drugs as quickly as possible.
They are constantly developing new drugs in a race to boost sales and increase their consumer base.
In their rush to release new drugs onto the market, manufacturers sometimes fail to adequately test
drugs for side-effects and may even overlook negative preliminary test results. Sometimes this gamble
can tragically affect patients’ lives, leaving them with lasting physical or mental ailments as a result
of taking the drug. If this has happened to you, consider contacting a personal injury lawyer immediately.

The Waukesha personal injury attorneys of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® are trained to deal with complex
prescription drug liability cases. Because prescription drugs fall under the legal realm of product
liability, drug manufacturers may be held liable for being deceptive or negligent with drug marketing
and release. An experienced personal injury lawyer will review all details of your case and utilize
testimony from witnesses to hold the manufacturer legally accountable and to fight for your right to

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Don’t let drug manufacturers get away with negligent practices that could negatively affect you and
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