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Medical Negligence: An Overview

Medical negligence is a serious concern in the United States. There are many lawsuits in the United States accusing doctors of medical negligence, also known as medical malpractice. Medical negligence is a rather straightforward phenomenon. When a doctor does not do her or his job correctly, medical negligence has occurred.

Medical negligence can occur in many ways, ranging from mild to deadly. An example of medical negligence is when a doctor prescribes the wrong prescription. Another type of medical negligence occurs when a surgeon performs surgery on the wrong body part.

There are literally millions of preventable medical problems caused every year, and not every one leads to a medical negligence case. Nonetheless, there are a lot of medical negligence cases in the United States court system. People understand that the most effective way to get compensation when doctors do not perform their jobs properly is to go to court. In fact, a number of medical negligence suits have resulted in large damages received by the plaintiffs, the individuals bringing the claims against the doctors.

Some people in the United States feel like medical negligence suits have gotten out of control. There have been many proposals at tort reform, or reforming how personal injury lawsuits can be filed and can proceed. So far, major tort reform has not been enacted.

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