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Medical Misdiagnosis

Doctors are among the most trusted member of society. That is because people rely on doctors for medical advice, diagnosis, or surgery, and doctors have training that patients do not have. When people go to doctors to get diagnosed, they trust the doctors’ diagnoses. They believe that the doctors can accurately identify what ailments they are suffering from and identify what are the next steps to take to address the ailments. If doctors cannot diagnose what the root problem is, patients believe that doctors will say so.

Patients have a right to believe this, for the costs of misdiagnosis are very high. There can be a number of problems that can occur if a doctor misdiagnoses a patient. One problem is that the patient will likely be prescribed the wrong medication, and wrong medication can have its own side effects. If someone takes medication she or he does not need, then that person may develop other medical problems. Another cost of misdiagnosis is that the original problem may get a lot worse. If the doctor does identify it originally, it cannot be treated through medication. So, it may very well become a larger problem requiring not just medication but also surgery.

It is very easy to see how misdiagnosis of a medical problem can lead to a number of problems. Patients place trust in doctors’ diagnostic abilities. As a result, doctors have to provide patients as accurate medical information as possible or tell the patients that they cannot provide such information.

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