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Lawn Equipment Accidents

Lawnmowers, hedgers, weed eaters, and other mechanized lawn equipment are designed to do very specific tasks. Since most lawn equipment today is electric or gas powered, they are very powerful machines which quickly and effectively get the job done. When malfunctioning or used improperly, however, lawn equipment can quickly cause serious injury.

Lawn Accident Risks

When using lawn equipment there are some important guidelines that one should follow to keep the operator and bystanders safe from harm:

  • Remember that pieces of lawn equipment are powerful tools, not toys. Never use lawn equipment in any manner that is not within the specified guidelines for intended use.
  • Let your kids know the dangers of lawn equipment and do not leave them alone around power equipment. Do not let a young adult help with lawn care until he or she fully understands how to operate the machinery and is physically capable of controlling it.
  • Always check equipment for loose or worn out parts before use. Since most lawn equipment involves parts that spin at high speed, having these pieces fly off and hit someone could cause significant injury.
  • Wear safety gear when operating lawn equipment. Long pants, eye protection, and gloves are recommended.

In Case of Lawn Equipment Injury

If you or someone you know has been injured by lawn equipment, go to the emergency room immediately for treatment. Injury caused by equipment malfunction or bad parts may be the fault of the equipment manufacturer. If you rented a piece of lawn equipment from a hardware store, the store may be liable for the injury if the equipment was not properly maintained.

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