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Medical Malpractice: Hospital Negligence

Having to spend time in the care of a hospital is undoubtedly stressful and frightening. Although the experience may not be a pleasant one, you trust that the doctors and other staff members are working to help you recover from your injury or illness. You also place your trust in the hospital administration to ensure that the facility that you are treated in is properly organized and maintained.

Hospitals have a responsibility to provide patients with the medical care that they need to recover. If a hospital does not keep accurate patient records and does not take the time to evaluate doctors and other staff members during the hiring process, patients are left to pay the price of their negligence.

Negligent hospitals that fail to screen their employees put patients at risk of being treated by a medical professional who does not have the proper training or credentials to be completing medical examinations, surgeries, or other important tasks. Hospitals are legally liable for the damages that patients may experience due to improperly screened or trained employees.

If you have been injured or your illness has been worsened due to hospital negligence, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney immediately. A Waukesha medical malpractice lawyer will be able to effectively evaluate your case and provide you the guidance needed to navigate the complicated legal system.

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