Helicopter Crashes

Helicopters are able to perform a number of maneuvers and actions that no other aircraft or vehicle is capable of performing. Their ability to hover and land precisely in one small area make them useful for emergency rescue missions, transport between buildings and to harsh terrain, firefighting operations, sightseeing, military operations, police searches and chases, and more. Like all aircraft and other vehicles, helicopters have a risk of crashing if used improperly or if operated under poor conditions.

While personnel who use helicopters regularly are generally aware of the risks they face, many tourists who take rides in helicopters may not be familiar with the dangers of flying. They may therefore be less prepared to act in the event of an accident. A crash may occur from inclement weather, mechanical or instrument malfunction, or pilot error. Passengers who choose to tour in a helicopter should talk with the pilot and tour company before take off and be sure that they know what the safety procedures are in case something goes wrong.

According to crash studies, helicopters are almost twice as likely to crash as are airplanes. A crash may lead to serious injuries, including broken bones, head trauma, or spinal injuries. Sometimes crashes result in the wrongful death of passengers. Victims of helicopter crashes will likely face costly medical bills, lost wages from being unable to work, temporary or permanent disability, and pain and suffering. A personal injury lawyer can represent your interests in court and fight to help you get the compensation for your injuries and damages that you may deserve.

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