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Heavy Machinery Injuries

Heavy machinery can perform extraordinary tasks but can also put workers at high risk of severe injury. Each year, thousands of workers are injured or killed on the job. 80% of the fatalities caused by industrial accidents in the workplace involve mechanical equipment. While companies are bound to certain state and federal regulations to help ensure workplace sometimes, accidents can still occur.

Machinery used in construction operations and other industrial applications includes rotating gears and belts, moving arms, heavy wheels, sharp cutting edges, and other moving parts that can cause extremely serious injury. Even if a worker is following all safety procedures, heavy machinery can sometimes malfunction and injure a worker. Injuries caused by heavy machinery can be particularly devastating because of the weight, speed, and power of the machinery, resulting in crushed or severed limbs, head and spinal injuries, and/or burns.

On average, approximately 15 workers die in workplace accidents each day. Workers who survive catastrophic accidents may face life-threatening injuries or permanent disability. If you have been injured in a heavy machinery accident, the machinery manufacturer, designer, or your employer may be liable. You may be entitled to compensation for costly medical bills, lost wages, disability, and general pain and suffering.

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