Firework Safety

Fireworks are popular during Fourth of July and New Year’s celebrations; however, there are many other occasions that are also celebrated with fireworks. While there are smaller and less dangerous fireworks that are safer to use, larger fireworks should only be operated by professionals. Fireworks contain explosives and require a higher level of precaution than many may think. Setting off fireworks without following safety procedures almost always result in serious injuries.

Many people do not think that fireworks are complicated or require much skill to operate, however, back in 2006, 11 people died from improper firework operations. During that same year, nearly 10,000 people were injured from dangerous or defective fireworks. About 5% of these injuries required patients to be hospitalized.

Defective Fireworks

Sometimes, fireworks are defectively manufactured. Defective fireworks may not work in the way they are intended to and should be avoided at all costs if the defect is detected. Unfortunately, there is foolproof way to know if fireworks are defective, making them all the more dangerous for those who choose to operate them.

Injuries associated with fireworks are often located on the hands, eyes, head, face, and ears. The most common type of injury caused by fireworks is burns. Injury to the eyes or head is also common and may include lacerations, contusions, and the introduction of foreign bodies into the eye.

Injuries caused by fireworks can be as minor as a small burn or as serious as permanent disability. Other fireworks-related injuries may include:

  • Third degree burns
  • Blindness
  • Permanent scarring
  • Loss of limbs
  • Hearing loss

Dangerous or defective fireworks may also lead to the destruction of property. If a defective firework shoots in random directions or unexpectedly explodes, it may cause a fire. For your safety, always take the appropriate precautions when operating or watching a fireworks display.

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