Failed Brakes

Cars have many features that are meant to protect the people inside. Brakes are one of these features, and they are absolutely crucial to the functioning of a car. After all, without brakes how could cars stop? When brakes fail, the results are disastrous. People and the vehicles themselves will be seriously injured when the brakes in their car do not work.

When people experience brake failure, accidents are inevitable. Vehicles that cannot stop will crash into other vehicles, or they will crash into other inanimate objects. The crashes that result because of brake failure can be very serious because the vehicles are moving very fast; when they crash into something the force will be very great. For example, an individual on a motorcycle whose brakes have failed will go flying off the motorcycle. A driver in a car, on the other hand, may go flying through the windshield if she is not wearing a seatbelt, or she may hit her head very hard on the steering wheel because of the force of the accident. The hospital costs associated with car injuries can be very high because the injuries themselves are so severe.

Aside from bodily injury, however, accidents caused by brake failures can lead to other problems. Automobiles may be totaled. As a result, the people in an accident may need to purchase new vehicles, and this will add a heavy financial burden.

Because of the extreme negative effects of brake failure, people who cause brake failure through their negligence can be held liable. For example, car companies have legal obligation to provide working, durable brake, and mechanics also have a responsibility to ensure that brakes are working when they are paid to do so.

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