E. Coli

E . coli is a type of bacteria present in the intestinal tracts of all animals. Although everyone has e. coli inside of them, when e. coli contaminates food it can have bad effects of people’s health, leading possibly to diarrhea, fever, and even death.

There are many ways that food can be contaminated with e. coli. Since e. coli lives in intestines, the ways it contaminates food have to do with feces. Because e. coli is naturally located within animals’ intestinal tracts, one way it can contaminate food is when animals are cruelly slaughtered for food and their flesh gets mixed with the intestines. E. coli may contaminate food also when people who go to the bathroom do not wash their hands and then handle food. Another way e. coli can contaminate food is if animals, like rats, come near food and release feces near it. These are the most common ways by which food can be contaminated with e. coli bacteria.

There are many ways that e. coli can be prevented from being a problem. One step that should be taken is washing their hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after going to the bathroom. Also, people should not consume raw milk or use it in foods. Restaurants have a responsibility to ensure that the food they provide is not contaminated by e. coli by taking the steps above as well as any other steps necessary. If their patrons eat foods contaminated with e. coli and get sick, the restaurants can be held responsible.

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