Dog Bite Injuries

Dogs can be man’s best friend or a serious liability depending on many factors. While many people believe that most dogs are friendly, it is never advised to approach a strange dog who does not know you. Children should also be closely watched any time an animal is nearby, whether you own the animal or not. Children are most often the victims of animal attacks due to their small size and inability to protect themselves from attack.

Injuries from dog bites may be as minor as some scrapes and bruises or as serious as punctured skin, broken bones, and facial injuries. Dogs of all sizes can be capable of causing damage that requires medical attention. Dog bite cases can be very complicated and require the assistance of an experienced legal professional to guide you through the litigation process.

The dog owner’s liability is moderated by several factors. In some states, a “one bite free” rule has been passed, meaning an owner is not legally responsible for any bites that their dog inflicts until their pet has shown consistent aggressive tendencies. Other states, however, have a “strict liability” rule. This means owners are responsible for all bites that their pet inflicts, regardless of whether or not the animal has shown previous aggressive behavior. Another factor that plays a role in the case is whether or not the dog was provoked before the bite. If there was a “Beware of Dog” sign posted or the animal attacked because the injured party was trespassing, the dog’s owner is protected by law.

Damages in dog bite case settlements may include medical bills, wage loss, pain and suffering, future plastic surgery costs, and loss of potential earnings. The compensation you may be entitled to may also be effected by the breed of the dog that attacked you. American Pit-Bull Terriers, Dobermans, Akitas, and Rottweilers are known to be more aggressive than other dogs so settlements in cases involving these breeds may be awarded more compensation.

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