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Disturbance and Insomnia

Society is founded upon cooperation and general understanding among society’s various members. People do not get in each other’s way so that everyone can do what she or he needs to do.

Often times, however, people intentionally or unintentionally do bother each other and prevent one another from living peacefully. This often happens when people live in close proximity of one another and cannot completely escape the attention of one another, such as in an apartment complex.

A significant problem that arises in apartment complexes is that one neighbor is too loud and does not let the other neighbors live and rest in peace and quiet. If this happens continuously and at nighttime, it can cause many problems for people who are not able to sleep.

If someone is exposed to loud noises at night from a neighbor and cannot rest and sleep, then the person who cannot sleep can faces health concerns. Moreover, if such loud noises occur night after night, even after the neighbor has been asked multiple times to lower her or his noise, the person may have the right to take action against the neighbor further.

This is because the effects of not having proper sleep and rest and night can multiply. Someone who does not properly rest at night will have a difficult time functioning during the day. His or her work or schooling will suffer. He or she will not be able to focus effectively, and daily tasks like driving may suffer. Additionally, not sleeping at night damages one’s health and does not allow the brain and body to recover after a day’s work.

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