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Defective Seat Belts

Thanks to national safety campaigns such as “click it or ticket,” the number of people who consistently wear a seatbelt while in a vehicle has greatly increased. While we trust in our seatbelts to protect us from potential harm in the event of an accident, seatbelts do not always do their job. When seatbelts fail to hold us safely in place, we are at risk of serious injuries and possible death.

Vehicles on the road today seem to travel faster than ever before. People drive more recklessly thanks to portable music players, cell phones, and navigational gadgets. The excessive speeds and the distractions combine to make our roads all the more dangerous. Without a functional seatbelt, a collision at any speed could prove fatal.

Manufacturers are responsible for producing functional and safe seatbelts. Defective seatbelts may not buckle properly or may release during collision. While the use of seatbelts does not guarantee that the passengers of a car involved in an accident will be free from injury, it significantly reduces the chance of being seriously injured.

If your injuries have resulted from a defective seatbelt, you should not be left to suffer the physical, financial, and emotional burden of your injury. Turn to a skilled lawyer to help you receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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