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Defective Playground Equipment

For decades, playgrounds have been a fun atmosphere for children of all ages. With so many different types of equipment to play on, including swing sets, jungle gyms, monkey bars and slides, children can entertain themselves for hours. However, when these products malfunction or are defective, causing serious injury to vulnerable youths, the playground can turn into a dangerous, harmful atmosphere.

Manufacturers of playground equipment have a legal responsibility to produce a safe product, free from inherent defects or predictable malfunctions. When this is not done and a child (or parent) is injured as a result, there may be legal repercussions one can take against the negligent company that created these devices. To learn more about your rights as an injured victim of defective playground equipment, call (800) 242-2874 today to contact the Waukesha personal injury attorneys at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.®.

Playground Equipment Defects

The following incidents may be indicative of product or premises liability:

  • Failure to create an age-appropriate design (or lack of signage with age instructions)
  • Lack of guardrails
  • Lack of support for structure (or structure collapse)
  • Maintenance issues: broken parts, exposed nails or bolts, rust, gaps, or splinters
  • Inappropriate height off of the ground
  • Prevented climbing outside of the structure

Recent statistics have outlined the dangers of playground equipment as approximately 200,000 preschool and elementary-aged children must receive emergency medical care each year for injuries that occur as a result of playing on these products. Because of this, it is imperative that these companies are held accountable for any damages that result from their negligence.

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