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Defective Automobile Roof

Drivers expect a certain standard of safety when they get in the car. In fact, safety is one of the top concerns for people looking for a car to buy or lease. We trust automobile makers to meet safety standards and live up to the safety ratings that they so frequently advertise. When we drive, we rarely think about whether our airbags will deploy or whether the seat belt restraint will work; most of us believe that safety is guaranteed. However, sometimes safety equipment malfunctions or is defective, putting the driver and passengers at risk.

When a car accident occurs and an automobile rolls over, it is essential to have a sturdy roof to help minimize injuries. Not all cars have roll bars or are designed to have reinforced roofs that should withstand the weight of the car when it rolls or is struck by an object from above. When roof supports are not installed or malfunction, the driver and passengers can be crushed under the roof or injured by broken glass and metal.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, each year about 600 deaths and 800 severe injuries occur because of crushed roofs during rollover accidents, despite the fact that all of those injured or killed were wearing their seatbelts. SUVs and pickup trucks are particularly vulnerable to rolling and often do not have adequate roof support to withstand a rollover. A crushed roof can cause severe head and spine injury, broken bones, or even life-ending injuries.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed from a crushed roof accident, you are likely facing severe physical and emotional trauma. A personal injury lawyer can help you hold the responsible parties legally accountable and fight to get you the compensation for injuries and damages that you deserve.

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