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Dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress

While you may not have been to war, being in a serious accident can cause some of the same side-effects. It is estimated that of all personal injury accidents, that near 20% of all people are faced with post-traumatic stress (PTS), a syndrome that affects the recovery of a person after a traumatic event in their life. One of the most common symptoms of PTS is serious depression, which closes people off from others and from a faster recovery.

While being in a car accident might not seem like a big deal, those who experience it often find it a terrifying event. Their lives were put into danger, their mortality questioned, and the chance that it might happen again may loom over their heads. Those who suffer from PTS from a personal injury accident are five times less likely to continue working a living a productive life. PTS is a crippling condition that can go on indefinitely unless the patient is giving treatment. Long-term care is a necessity for full recovery in many of these cases, and often times, it takes the encouragement of close friends and families.

Doctors are now starting to recommend that victims of personal injury cases should be required to looked over by a doctor and have a full mental health examination before being discharged on their own.

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