Dangers of Dining Out

Eating out is a major part of life in America. People eat out for fun, to save time, and for a change. Birthday parties, romantic dinners, simple outings—these are all occasions for which people eat out. When people eat out they do not expect to face any problems. They expect food to be cooked and cleaned properly, the restaurant to follow proper hygiene guidelines, and the ingredients to be unspoiled and safe to eat.

Unfortunately, eating out is not always safe. People face a risk of food poisoning. Food poisoning has a variety of causes. Cooks may not wash their hands thoroughly before and after cooking, or after going to the bathroom. The ingredients, like vegetables and meat, may not be cleaned or cooked thoroughly, leaving bacteria or chemicals on them. Or, the ingredients of the food themselves may be spoiled because they were not stored in proper conditions. These are only some of the ways by which food poisoning can occur.

Consuming food that experiences any of these problems will likely lead to food poisoning, which causes around 5,000 deaths every year and 325,000 hospitalizations every year. The effects of food poisoning can be mild or severe. Milder effects include stomach aches and fatigue. Worse effects include vomiting and diarrhea. Among the worst effects is death.

A Waukesha Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

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