Contaminated Water

Water is vital to the survival of every human being. Most of us trust that our tap water is reasonably safe for drinking, even if it may not taste as fresh as bottled water. Some people choose to use a water filter and believe that this may remove any remaining harmful contents from the water. In reality, some areas in the United States still do not have safe drinking water. Contaminated water has been linked to a number of life-threatening illnesses that can slowly poison the local population over time.

Contaminated water cases around the country show that the water in many areas does not meet the environmental health and safety standards required by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laws. Water may contain high levels of bacteria or toxic pollutants, such as arsenic, lead, barium, and perchloroethylene. These toxic contents can cause a number of injuries, particularly in children and pregnant women. Intestinal injuries, cancer, neurological disorders, and brain damage are just some of the effects of contaminated water. Pregnant women who drink contaminated water are more likely to have a miscarriage or to give birth to babies with physical deformities, mental handicaps, or chronic illnesses.

Sources of Contaminated Water

Contaminated water can originate from a variety of sources. In some cases, drinking water is improperly treated or may go completely untreated. Cities that cannot afford proper treatment may cover up a water contamination problem or may ignore negative water test results. In other cases, a nearby factory or plant may be illegally dumping toxic products into the water. Sometimes landfills contain toxic chemicals that can leach into the groundwater and contaminate the water supply without anyone knowing.

Cities have a responsibility to treat water for common contaminants and to report any problems with the drinking water to the public. When the water is unsafe and the problem is not disclosed, the city can be held accountable for injuries and illnesses caused by the contaminated water. Businesses that pollute local waters can also be held liable for health problems caused by their illegal and irresponsible dumping practices.

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