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Common Sources of Driver Distraction

In today’s busy and hectic world, it is likely not a surprise that many drivers are distracted when operating their vehicles. There are a seemingly endless number of distractions for drivers, many of which can be easily avoided if drivers would be more careful. Unfortunately, driving while distracted has become very commonplace for many drivers, causing them to endanger both themselves and others, oftentimes without even thinking of the danger of distracted driving.

Distraction Sources

Many different things might distract a driver when he or she is operating a vehicle. However, some distractions arise more frequently, involving drivers and others in serious car accidents. Some of these more common sources of distraction include:

  • The behavior of other drivers
  • Loud / disruptive music
  • Children in the backseats making noise
  • The use of technological devices while driving
  • Looking for personal items
  • General absent-mindedness (such as focusing on a bad day at work)
  • Emotional distress

All of these situations can contribute to the distraction of a driver, which might cause that driver to behave dangerously when otherwise he or she might not. Sadly, such actions often lead to serious car accidents, which all too often injure other innocent people.

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