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Causes for Boating Accidents

Boats are a popular recreational vehicle and have become bigger and faster recently, as manufacturers respond to consumers’ demands for more powerful boats. Due to the size and speed of these boats, the accidents that may occur are generally very dangerous. Although people may assume that boating accidents happen more frequently in bad weather, a majority of accidents actually occur when the weather is calm.

A common cause of death for people in small boats is drowning. Drowning may occur due to people being thrown overboard or the boat capsizing. Many times, people drown because they were not wearing a personal flotation device. Although you may think that you are an excellent swimmer, you should always wear a lifejacket when you’re in a boat. Even the strongest swimmers can drown if they are unexpectedly thrown from the boat.

Non-fatal accidents are often the result of crashing into other boats or objects in the water. Because these kinds of accidents are common, boating rules require a look-out on every boat to actively work to spot potential collisions and alert the boat’s captain of objects in the way.

Small boats, due to the light weight and size, are prone to tipping and being unstable. If they tip, the boat may capsize.

Capsizing can be caused by:

  • Overloading
  • Improper Weight Distribution
  • Waves

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